Renowned French explorer Alban Michon was on a mission. A mission to solo cross and arctic dive along the mythical Northwest Passage, the sea route that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. The objective of the exploration was not a sporting pursuit, or a challenge, but one at the service of the planet.

From March to mid-May 2018, Alban solo-crossed the Northwest Passage ski-kiting and arctic diving, while capturing the beauty of a poetic, mysterious region and demonstrating its increasingly fragile nature in the face of the ravages of climate change. Alban collected samples and data. He analysed plankton, collected ground measurements of the atmosphere and aerosols and studied brain reactivity in this extreme environment. Through film and photo he documented the beauty of the region before the summer months and arctic melting ensues.


“This expedition is not adventure for adventure’s sake, or about physical strength or being alone for three months. It is an exploration at the service of science and the general public,” explained Alban during one of our meetings. Alban required Quinag’s help, and experience in working on expedition projects, to capture the imagination and empathy of the general public, promoting the beauty of the region and raising awareness about its perilous predicament.


Alban’s promotional documentation related to the expedition was limited to a few sponsorship presentations in French. Quinag developed, curated and translated this base content, providing Alban with a dedicated Press Kit and core media angles. In the months leading up to the start of the expedition, Quinag contacted major international titles with an interest in the outdoor environment, leading not only on the expedition itself but more importantly its legacy and messages. The approach and content proved extremely popular with media who not only published a preview to Alban’s expedition but asked to receive content for follow-up articles and interviews.


“Every time I have worked with Quinag it has been a success. They are a professional team who understand my needs and challenges. They have always been responsive, extremely competent and efficient. I was delighted to collaborate with Quinag and I would not hesitate in working with them on my next challenges.”

Alban Michon