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Quinag is a leading communication agency for forward-thinking clients who want to build credibility within specialist sporting communities and create a lasting impact on their reputation.

Quinag. Unusual name.
Unique Approach.

Quinag is named after a mountain in Scotland. This association symbolises our passion for the outdoors and belief that the view from the top of a mountain is often the clearest, widest and most inspiring.

QUINAG: churn or pail in Gaelic;
a 808m mountain located in the Scottish Highlands.

Quinag works primarily with brands, events and organisations engaged in the outdoor world. Whether climbing, cycling, expeditions, hiking, mountaineering, running or sailing, the people involved in these worlds are total in their commitment. It is a way of life where a respect for the sport, the challenge and the environment are paramount. Immersed in these worlds we know the people and media that matter.

QUINAG: churn or pail in Gaelic;
a 808m mountain located in the Scottish Highlands.

Only the Essential Equipment

At Quinag we focus on what we excel at, notably:

Audits & Strategies

Analysing the strengths and weaknesses of your current communication approach, your digital presence and social tools. Interpreting the results of the audit to create a tailored and effective communication strategy.


Supporting your brand or organisation to align its messages and values, simultaneously building its reputation, within a sport, event or specialised audience. Always with a long-term objective in mind.


Using sophisticated communication techniques, digital channels and social networks to ensure relevant and targeted diffusion. Regularly analysing data and effectiveness of campaigns to improve reach and results.

Media Relations

Working with our international lifestyle and specialised media contacts to amplify and deliver your message. Collecting and analysing media return to help you assess the impact. Organising media trips and opportunities.


Creating compelling, crafted storytelling for all environments. Copywriting which both captures the nuances of your sport, product or event making it accessible and interesting to both specialised and more general audiences. Adapting content for different channels, media types or fan demographics.

Experts in Our Environment

Work & Case Studies
Work & Case Studies


International organisations we have partnered, supported or worked with and who have trusted us.

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